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Ampere Ratings: 1 to 70 Amps.

Voltage Rating: 170 Volts DC

Agency Approvals:

UL Recognized, Guide JFHR2, File E5612

Catalog Numbers
TPS-1 TPS-10 TPS-25 TPS-50
TPS-3 TPS-15 TPS-30 TPS-60
TPS-5 TPS-20 TPS-40 TPS-70
TPS-6 ----- ----- -----
Dimensional Data
  • TELPOWER fuses bring modern power fuse design to the telecommunications industry.
  • TELPOWER fuse line isthe fisrt to be specifically designed to meet the uniue needs of DC Power Distibution systems.
  • The UL Recognized ratings of 170 Volts DC and 100,000 Amps interrupting rating along with the fuse's current limiting capability make this fuse ideal for cable protection on existing DC Distribution Systems.
  • A unique BLE lael is used on all TELPOWER fuses to designate their DC capability.
  • Circuit board applications available.
  • Silver-plated brass ferrules.
  • Glass melamine tube.




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